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  • Delivering Our Local Taste to the World

    Located in the northern part of Miyagi Prefecture, we, Maruni Foods, are a noodle and local food products manufacturer with more than 130 years of history. Having started as a simple noodle cafeteria along a busy road, we now deal with a variety of products, from mass-produced ready-to-go foods to the finest-quality traditional cuisine with local ingredients. Although so much has changed since the era of our founder, our pursuit of taste and emphasis on disseminating our local food culture have remained the same—now developing it even further, exploring international markets, building even more sophisticated hygiene management systems, and constantly experimenting in the search for higher quality.

  • Rooted in the community and reaching out to the world

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    Quality Local Food

    Disseminating our local food culture to the world

    Maruni is committed to the production and expansion of our genuine local food culture, such as hatto and aburafu. We also develop new products that fully extract the charm of our raw ingredients. Aoba-no-koi is an example of such a product, using locally developed flour of the same name.

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    Restaurant Bunza

    Bunza, our own restaurant adjacent to our factory, constitutes a very important connection to the community, often opening its doors for various events such as concerts and workshops.


    It is of crucial importance for us to have a venue where we can constantly offer our own noodles to the public in a way that we believe to be the best: by receiving feedback and opinions.

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    Large-scale Production

    Maruni Foods deals with large-scale food production, which means that our production facility and skills meet the highest of standards. Our production facility has also passed HACPP certification, which is the highest hygiene standard.

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    Noodle Production OEM

    Meeting the needs of various restaurants and manufacturers and utilizing our accumulated know-how and experience, we produce noodles for many restaurants and shops of varying scale, from franchised restaurant groups to small, individual ramen shops. We are happy to respond to very particular orders, such as mixing in other materials or fine-tuning the width, length, and/or texture of the noodles.




    International Expansion

    Five generations after our founder started this journey, we now see that it is necessary to be conscious about international expansion, given how much the world has grown together as well as the changing social conditions of Japan. Although it is no easy task, we believe that our local ingredients and products—such as hatto, aburafu, and Aoba-no-koi—have the potential to venture onto international markets. In January 2016, we organized a focus group meeting in Paris, where we introduced our products to a group of French people. The result was encouraging, with our most local foods—hatto—being the most popular. Thus, we will explore a variety of possibilities in many contexts in the coming years.

  • Advanced Hygiene Management at Maruni Foods

    Maruni Foods is committed to the hygiene management of our production, both in terms of operation and our facility, which boasts state-of-the-art hygiene management. Our factory and production line has passed HACCP certification, which is the highest in hygiene management. We have been producing for large-scale franchises in Tohoku, thus achieving the highest of hygiene standards. We will remain committed to improving our production line and pursuing even better hygiene management.



    Our History

    More than 130 years ago, Bunzaemon Nikaido started a simple noodle cafeteria in Tome, Miyagi Prefecture, which marked the beginning of Maruni Foods. Since then, we have developed hand-in-hand with the local community by responding to the changing demands and needs of the times. Although the circumstances surrounding us have changed tremendously, together with a changing diet and food culture, our previous generations have always clarified our one simple goal, which is the pursuit of taste. We now deal with a wide skill set, from large-scale production to working with local ingredients. Reiko Nikaido, the current 5th-generation CEO, has eyes for further development, challenging overseas expansion, and developing new products that integrate contemporary needs and our indigenous food culture.


  • Corporate Profile

    Company Name: Maruni Foods Inc.

    Minamikatamachi Konoki 123-1, Tome, Miyagi Prefecture 987-0403


    TEL: 0220-58-5502 / FAX: 0220-29-6660
    Homepage: http://www.02-food.com


    1885: Foundation

    April 1960: Established as the limited liability company "Maruni Noodle Making Factory"

    September 1989: Transformed into Maruni Foods
    April 2004: Relocated to the new noodle making facility in Minamikatamachi
    October 2011: Inauguration of our restaurant "Bunza"


    Capital stock: 58 million yen
    Representative Director: Reiko Nikaido
    Yearly sales: 3.0 billion yen
    Employees: 220
    Bank account: 77 Bank Sanuma Branch

    Business contents: Production of raw noodles, cooked noodles, hand-stretched noodles, dried noodles, household dishes, sale of other food-related products

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